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The Future of Production: Rotoliptic Named Top 10 Innovator

Feb 20, 2024

Darcy Partners Recognize Rotoliptic as Top 10 Innovator in Production

In a year marked by transformative advancements within the energy sector, Rotoliptic stands out, having been heralded as one of Darcy Partners Top 10 Innovators in Production for 2023. This esteemed recognition from Darcy underscores the significant impact and novelty of our solution amid the competitive landscape of production technologies.


The Core of Rotoliptic’s Innovation


Our novel technological development is the creation of an all-metal positive displacement pump, characterized by its revolutionary geometry. This isn’t merely an incremental improvement but a radical redefinition of efficiency and capability in artificial lift.


Our pump distinguishes itself through:


All-metal construction: Featuring a single-piece all-metal stator, this design enhances the pump's durability and operational longevity.


Larger flow area: Optimized geometry allows for increased production capacity, setting new benchmarks in output efficiency.


Superior fitment: A tighter rotor-stator fit with reduced friction minimizes wear, lowers torque upon start-up, and significantly extends the pump’s service life.



Transforming Production with Advanced Geometry


The advanced design of the Rotoliptic is the linchpin of its superiority, enabling:


  • Performance in Any Temperature

  • Increased Efficiency Amidst Gas Presence

  • High Starting & Sustained Efficiency

  • Efficient in Any Fluid Viscosity

  • Resilience in Fluctuating Well Conditions


Innovating for Tomorrow


The journey thus far has been a testament to Rotoliptic's commitment to pushing boundaries. The honour bestowed by Darcy is not just a recognition of past achievements but a beacon guiding our future endeavours. As we continue to innovate, our focus remains on developing solutions that not only meet the industry's current needs but anticipate and shape its future directions.


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