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Rotoliptic Recognized in Foresight Canada's Top 50

Dec 18, 2023

Rotoliptic Named Top 50 Most Investible Cleantech Ventures in Canada

We are excited to announce that Rotoliptic has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Investible Cleantech Ventures in Canada by Foresight 50. This prestigious accolade is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the energy industry.

The Future of Energy is Green

At Rotoliptic, we firmly believe that the future of energy lies in sustainable practices. Our innovative solutions are designed to address the pressing challenges faced by the oil and gas sector while minimizing its environmental footprint. Being acknowledged by Foresight 50 reaffirms our mission to revolutionize the industry through cleaner and more efficient technologies.

We are proud to stand alongside other exciting Canadian ventures in the Foresight 50 list. Our all-metal rotary positive displacement pumps have garnered attention for their ability to enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and promote responsible resource extraction in global applications.

The Road Ahead

This recognition is not just a celebration of our past achievements but a commitment to the path ahead. We are dedicated to advancing our technologies, collaborating with industry partners, and contributing to a more sustainable future for Canada and beyond.

We extend our gratitude to Foresight 50 for this honor and look forward to continued growth and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates from Rotoliptic as we strive to redefine the energy landscape with ground-breaking cleantech solutions.

Learn more about the 2023 Foresight 50 and explore the comprehensive pitchbook featuring all the recognized ventures:

About the Foresight 50

Foresight 50 shines a light on Canada’s most promising cleantech ventures while directly connecting these ventures with investors, customers, and partners. By fostering these relationships, Foresight 50 companies are able to raise more capital and scale their climate solutions faster.

This year’s Foresight 50 honourees were chosen from over 200 applications, reviewed by a panel of independent judges representing 37 investors and several cleantech community partners. Our judges selected the honourees based on criteria including investability, potential environmental impact, leadership and team, and probability of success.

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