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Rotoliptic introduced R65-1200

Jul 4, 2024

Rotoliptic Unveils the R65-1200 Pump: Improved Performance, lift capacity and operational efficiency

Rotoliptic announces the launch of its newest product, the R65-1200 pump. This cutting-edge pump builds on the capabilities of its predecessor, the R65-800, offering significantly more lift, improved volumetric efficiency, and maximized operational efficiency. The R65-1200 has undergone extensive research and testing to ensure optimal functionality and reliability, making it a highly anticipated addition to the industry.

The R65-1200 pump boasts a production range of up to 260 m3 (1635bbl) per day and a lift range of 1200 meters (3937 feet). This advanced pump is designed to tackle the same challenges as the R65-800 series but with enhanced performance. With more flow per revolution and less energy consumption per barrel, the R65-1200 sets a new standard in the industry, Operators can trust this pump to perform consistently in demanding conditions, minimizing downtime, maintenance costs and maximizing profitability


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