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Rotoliptic's Reduction of CO2e

Apr 22, 2024

Rotoliptic's Reaffirms Commitment to a Sustainable Planet this Earth Day

Rotoliptic’s pumps play a pivotal role in incremental environmental innovation, and we are excited to share more information about how this is revolutionizing the artificial lift market. By integrating our novel pump technology, operators are seeing a marked reduction in energy consumption and subsequent emissions – up to 46% - which is both significant and vital for an industry as consequential as artificial lift.


The patented design acts as a smart solution within operators’ existing frameworks, enabling a simple and effective switch to a pump technology that consists of a larger flow area for a given casing size, ensuring a high-efficiency operation. Our pumps also consist of a smaller physical footprint and lower steel requirements, whilst maintaining high volumetric efficiency through wide ranges of conditions.


In an illuminating Alberta case study, the Rotoliptic pump offered a remarkable 46% reduction in energy consumption compared to an alternative all-metal progressing cavity pump, and a proportionate reduction in emissions through the pump’s electricity consumption. This level of energy savings translates into substantial environmental benefits – in this Alberta case study, 0.2kg CO2e. was reduced per barrel of fluid produced through electricity consumption alone.


With such a simple change to reduce CO2e emissions, operators can easily realize positive environmental impacts. In areas with a heavier reliance on carbon-intensive electricity such as off-grid generators, the Rotoliptic pump’s reduction in energy demand directly correlates to even more substantial GHG mitigation.

Join us in revolutionizing industry standards and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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